Olly (9 years old) learns that his parents are getting a divorce and suddenly feels left out of everything. The world has turned to chaos. Olly's rich inner life and her strong connection to nature become her escape, but at the same time what helps her find her way back.
With lots of humor, imagination, play and empathy, the story of Olly is told - her journey from loneliness and chaos back to belonging and security. Along the way, she learns to speak up and fight for what matters most to her.

The play is developed at Dramatikkens Hus and the production is supported by Spenn.no, The Fund for Performing Artists, Nesodden Municipality and The Fund for Freelancers.

40 minutes

Max capacity:

Set up:
30 minutes

15 minutes

Stage size:
4x4 meters. 2.5 meters high.

Room or area specifications:
Preferably flat floor (not raised stage), close to the audience.

Audience seating:
Close to the stage and close together, preferably in a small "amphitheater" with mats, benches and chairs.

Technical equipment (must be rented or brought):
Must be rented

Lone Klein
Artistic director, Actor, Other

Stephen Hutton
Director, Other

Anders Sanzén

Thea Borring Lande

Base price A

Basic price B

Note to price
From August 1, the prices are GP A kr. 18 350,- / GP B kr. 18 640,-

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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