Get a unique insight into how anxiety and obsessive thoughts can overpower one's life, and how to turn it into a creative force to embrace even the darkest of thoughts and feelings!

Arild Brakstad is the caretaker of the volcano who tells of eruption after eruption until the final showdown with himself. An alchemist of anxiety who transformed the black lump in his stomach into gold, the creation of value, the mind's ability to create!

On the run from himself, like "Forrest Gump", he embarked on a lifelong race and many mental miles, before 27 years later he takes us on a mental moon landing on the wrong side of himself and on the back of a society that is still not quite able to accept and recognize human anxiety and fear.

The creative drive that you can run away from, or makes you follow your dreams all the way. Perhaps his obsessions haven't completely let go?

Or are we the ones who don't dare dive into the darkness to check? Because there is anxiety, anxiety about anxiety and terrible obsessions that prevent us from making the deepest dives into ourselves and finding the gold! The black gold!

75 minutes

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Set up:
45 minutes

15 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 3. Height: 2.

16 amps

Arild Brakstad

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