Backyard treasures, children's toys, where have they gone? Why have digital things like video games, iPhone apps and computers taken over children's everyday lives? What happened to actually going out into the street and playing with their friends? Today, they can sit next to each other for hours with their iPhone in hand, without even talking to each other. Children forget to be children.

Old toys have long since been cleared away and forgotten. Bakgårdsskatter breathes new life into the good old clapping games, paradise, bomb hiding, slingshots and much more. Through an elastic and energetic performance of children's toys, based on hip hop, modern dance and acrobatics, we want to remind children of the importance of play, and that our own imagination is the most entertaining software we have.

This is a show to remind everyone how much fun it actually is to play, and that imagination is the most fun we have. Even though technological developments are skyrocketing and incredibly exciting for young and old alike, it's important not to forget our traditions. Children don't have to grow up as fast as society demands of them. When children and young people have to live through social media, each individual becomes more lonely. One of the most important things for children is to play and have fun, and we show this through creative solutions on stage. You've got it!

The three performers from Absence and Oslo Dance Ensamble create a new dance expression by mixing the explosive movements of breakdance with soft and dynamic movements from the world of modern dance.

35 minutes

Max capacity:

Set up:
90 minutes

60 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 7; Height: 4 Depth: 7

Carrying help:

Must be blended:

Min 3 electrical outlets. 2 courses 16 amp


Comments to the workshop:
It is possible to have a workshop in connection with the performance, we can hold up to 3 workshops of 45 min. simultaneously per day.

Andreas Roksvåg

Ane Evjen Gjøvåg

Daniel Grindeland

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16. 480

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