Cinderella/Duette is a two-part dance performance. The performances can be shown together or as two separate productions.

"Cinderella" is a dance theater piece based on the fairy tale of the same name, but with our own little twist on the story. Our "Cinderella" is about how you don't always succeed in what you want, but that life mostly goes on anyway. The movement language is based on contemporary dance and classical ballet and uses humor to focus on the theme. There is a close collaboration between the three musicians and the two dancers in the piece. The music is composed by the young composer Kai Grinde Myrann for marimba/percussion, double bass and clarinet. The performance is choreographed by Martha Standal and Signe Alexandra Domogalla and lasts approximately 20 minutes.

"Duet" is an abstract dance piece focusing on how two bodies relate to each other, the stage design, the space and the music. The choreography is inspired by several styles such as ballet, jazz dance, hip hop, waacking and house, but with contemporary dance as the overall genre. The music, written by Kristian Fjellskaalnes, takes us on a journey through electronic music genres from minimalism and noise to house and dubstep.

The performance, choreographed by Martha Standal and Signe Alexandra Domogalla, lasts 20 minutes and after the performance the dancers will talk to the students about what they have seen.

An important focus in the conversation with the students is to give the students some tools to describe what they have seen and how the different elements of the performance (scenography, music, dance style) affect each other and what it does to the overall impression. But the conversation also touches on personal taste and how each recipient of a work of art will interpret it in their own way. We want to give students greater confidence in expressing themselves about what they like and dislike about a work of art and why.


After the performance and conversation, we can offer a 2-hour workshop for the students (max 30 per group). During these two hours, we give the students some tools for how they can create choreography based on movements they find in their own body, and we put together a short piece that the students themselves get to direct and decide the music for. The focus of the workshop is for the students to develop their ability to collaborate and express themselves creatively with others, and to experience mastery in relation to presenting something to others in the group. If Cinderella is also shown, we can also offer a workshop with an even greater focus on the connection between dance and music in addition to/integrated into the above. We will then have a little more time to go deeper into, among other things, scenography and lighting and if the student group / school wants it, they can try to create their own music.

What does the press say?

45 minutes

Max capacity:

Set up:
120 minutes

60 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 8-10. Height: 4-6. Depth: 10

Carrying help:

Min. 16A regular power outlet - preferably 2x 16 A outlets (not necessary, but desirable).

Martha Kjørven

Signe Alexandra Domogalla

Aksel Jensen

Nils Marius Kjøsnes

Anders Kristiansen

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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