Kloden 3


Kloden provides challenging and interesting experiences through dance and theatre. We present great performances at different locations in Oslo, and soon, we will build a place for the performing arts and young people. Kloden will present the best performances from Norway and abroad. In addition, Kloden will be:

  • a place where children and youth can explore and experiment in collaboration with professional artists
  • a place with optimal rehearsal and production spaces
  • a professional hub for the performing arts field, with seminars, workshops, lectures and debates
  • a part of a national and international touring network.

Kloden will be a place for all young people and all performing arts professionals. The performances will mirror the cultural and artistic diversity in Norway and abroad. After all, Kloden means The Globe.

The Kloden house is scheduled to be built by 2022–2023. We plan to build Kloden in Hovinbyen, located just outside the city centre. Thus, the vast suburban area Groruddalen will have it’s first national art institution. Finally!

The Kloden project was initiated by Scenekunstbruket – The Norwegian Touring Network for the Performing Arts – in 2015 and supported by Oslo Council and Arts Council Norway. Kloden is a member of the Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras and Assitej.

Read more: www.kloden.no