Alice in Wonderland

Feil Teater

Alice is not like the other girls, and she feels misplaced in a society controlled by strict social norms. She runs away from a marriage proposal, tumbles down a rabbit hole, and finds herself in Wonderland where the evil Red Queen reigns. Alice quickly realises that the one who must save Wonderland is herself! On her journey she meets a rabbit, a hatter and a score of other quirky characters who teach her an important lesson: she must be true to herself to overcome the obstacles in Wonderland, and later, in her own world. 
Alice in Wonderland is a playful theatre experience for children from 5 to 12 years, and is inspired by the movie from 2010. We at Feil Teater wish to communicate a familiar story in a fresh and humorous way. The show is played in a style called “cartoon theatre” or “cartoon mime”. It is zany, comical and quite uncommon in the norwegian theatre landscape. It enriches the audiences with new insight to what theatre can be, and opens up their imagination. Alice in Wonderland is an action-packed play that makes use of dynamic soundscapes and music, as well as a wide array of expressions. We wish the children to immerse themselves in a magical universe and a story about the importance of making your own decisions.

Artists/groups: Feil Teater
Amalie Sofie Ibsen Jensen
Didrik Hagberg
Joakim Skevik
Pål Hasselvold
Thomas Michael Gallagher
Eilif Fjeld Teiso
Lars Halvor Andreassen
Andrea Westbye
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Alice i Eventyrland Alice i Eventyrland Alice i Eventyrland Alice i Eventyrland Alice i Eventyrland
Video and Sound
Audience: 6 to 12 years
Practical information
About the production
Maximum capacity: 250
Setup: 45 minutes
Teardown: 30 minutes
Artists on tour: 6
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Amalie Sofie Ibsen Jensen
Tlf. 48357962​