Teater Joker

By day, Rune is simply Rune, but at night he transforms into Brune, the superhero who isn’t afraid of anything! Armed with a paintbrush and brown paint, he tiptoes outside. And it’s hardly Rune’s fault that Brune paints the big boys’ bikes during these superhero-hours, is it?

Brune is a performance that is based on the book Brune by Håkon Øvreås. With scenography inspired by the illustrations from the book and music especially written for this performance, the story unfolds. This is the story about Rune, his parents, his grandfather, all of his friends, his enemies, the vicar and the policemen of the tiny town, where Rune turns into the superhero Brune by night.

This is a performance about friendship, courage and about getting even. It is also a performance about missing one’s grandfather and about how everything can go wrong when superhero powers are not enough.

The book won Nordisk Råd’s award for literature for children and young adults in 2014, and was nominated for the Brage award in 2013.

Produced in cooperation with Akershus Teater.

Supported by:, Fond for lyd og bilde, Oslo and Akershus College, Det Norske Komponistfond and

Artists/groups: Teater Joker
Gjermund Andersen
Line Jeanette Antonsen
Jon Arne Arnseth
Knut Erik Engemoen / Jens Smith Wergeland
Raymond Enoksen
Magne Gjeraker
Martin Myrvold
Mads Nygård
Kari Ramnefjell
Gøril Rostad
Sandra Sandbye
Geirmund Simonsen
Haakon Strøm / Gard Pedersen
Niels Peter Underland
Stig Ziener-Gundersen / Patrick Børjesson
Media Gallery
Audience: 6 to 12 years
Practical information
About the production
Maximum capacity: 120
Setup: 90 minutes
Teardown: 45 minutes
Artists on tour: 6
Contact information

Kari Ramnefjell
Skierlia 21
mobile: 92434398​