The Artistic Council is an assessment body that, through its advisory function, contributes to safeguarding and enhancing the artistic and communication quality of performances included in Scenekunstbruket's repertoire. In addition, the Artistic Council will assess applications for the organization of performing arts performances for touring and revivals, as well as allocate funds set aside for this purpose in collaboration with Scenekunstbruket.

The Artistic Council is appointed by the CEO in consultation with Scenekunstbruket's board of directors, and currently consists of five people appointed on the basis of their expertise. The artistic council must collectively have broad professional expertise. The members of the artistic council normally serve for three years at a time. Professional advisor in Scenekunstbruket Guri Birkeland is responsible for the work done in the Artistic Council.

Artistic Council 2024

Tor Christian F. Bleikli


Educated at the Bergen Theater School, the University of Bergen and further education at Mimecentrum in Berlin. He made his acting debut at Bergen Komediateater in 1995, and has since then also had several assignments for Den Nationale Scene, Nordland Teater, Hordaland Teater, Agder Teater, Radioteatret, Rogaland Teater and others. Bleikli is a permanent member and general manager of the company Transiteatret-Bergen (Tt-B).

Eli-Berit Lillesæter


Basic course in film history from Lillehammer University College, a bachelor's degree in culture and society, and a master's degree in Nordic literature from the University of Oslo, in addition to a one-year unit in pedagogy. She has worked as a Norwegian teacher at various upper secondary schools in Oslo since 2009, including four years at Manglerud vgs, and at Edvard Munch vgs from 2015 until today. She is currently general manager for the development of a new learning center at Edvard Munch vgs that will bring together all student-oriented services and create alternative learning arenas that inspire and support the educational activities.

Anders Gaarder Karterudseter


Anders Gaarder Karterudseter trained as an actor at Cantabile 2 - School of Stage Arts in Denmark. He has extensive experience from the performing arts field, including as an actor in the companies Katma and deWangen Productions. Anders Gaarder Karterudseter has for a number of years worked as a subject manager for performing arts in DKS Oslo.

Geir Hytten


Geir holds an MA in Dance from Laban and an MPhil in Human Geography from UiO. In London, he collaborated with Punchdrunk in various projects over ten years and has been associated with a number of international and national companies, including Jo Strømgren Kompani, Impure Company, Brageteatret, Ulf Nilseng/Toyboys, Elle Sofe, Simone Grøtte, De Naive/Roza Moshtaghi, Karstein Solli and others. He has choreographed and performed several shows: Vi Synger, YOUR FAN, hello brother, grief will be our companion (2021). Geir is employed by the Norwegian Actors and Dancers Alliance (SKUDA).

Mariko Miyata-Jancey

(2024 - )

Mariko Miyata-Jancey is a dancer, choreographer and writer with a master's degree in choreography from KHiO. She often works interdisciplinary, while exploring the unique potential of each art form. Her projects often revolve around themes such as identity and existence, as well as gender roles, gender norms, sexuality and love. In the spring of 2023, Miyata-Jancey published the picture book "Mieko dances" together with the illustrator Skinkeape. The book has been translated into several languages and won the Ministry of Culture's picture book award.

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