Do you want to apply for admission to Scenekunstbruket's repertoire? Then we have created a form for you to fill out!

To make the application process easier, we have developed a form that everyone applying for admission to the repertoire must fill out.

If you wish to have performances considered for Scenekunstbruket's repertoire, we must receive information (including DVD or vimeo link) no later than three weeks before the meeting date.

Meeting dates in the artistic council fall 2013:
September 20 (application deadline August 30)
November 20 (application deadline October 30)

Scenekunstbruket assesses all incoming performances in consultation with the artistic council. They are an assessment body whose advisory function is to contribute to safeguarding and strengthening the artistic and dissemination quality of performances included in Scenekunstbruket's repertoire.

Read more about the Artistic Council and their guidelines here.

Once you have been included in our repertoire, you will be visible on our website, in addition, a performance price is calculated that both the groups and the client are obliged to follow when touring in DKS. Scenekunstbruket has a member network consisting of 18 county councils (not Oslo). Organizers in the network receive organizer support, which means that they are reimbursed parts of the total expenses for performances selected from Scenekunstbruket's repertoire. Organizers are free to use the repertoire overview to choose performances, and they contact the group/performer themselves to arrange a tour/assignment.

Fill out the application form here