A new round of applications for Spenn.no is ready, with a deadline of September 1. You can apply for production funding for performing arts linked to The Cultural Rucksack (DKS).

The application must be artistically justified and should reflect on children and young people as recipients of performing arts. It is a prerequisite that the production can be sent out on tour; this must be reflected in the application.

You can apply for funding for:

  1. New productions and projects.
  2. Funds for the adaptation/revival of existing productions for touring.

Before starting the application process, applicants are obliged to familiarize themselves with Spenn.no's guidelines for applying for and receiving funding.
Spenn.no only accepts applications via our online application form which you can find here.

During the period July 12 - August 9, the office will be closed, this also includes the support service for SPENN.NO