- what can be shown within the Cultural Rucksack?

Scenekunstbruket invites you to a professional day at Det Andre Teatret in Oslo, where the audience in the auditorium, people from both art, pedagogy and treatment environments meet to exchange experiences and knowledge.

The background to the workshop is the cancellation of Hege Haagenrud's performance De Grenseløse in Buskerud in the fall of 2012. In the performance, we see the world through the eyes of a young girl who has isolated herself from the outside world and has been diagnosed with a wide range of mental disorders. The action in the play is a product of her imagination and obsessive thoughts. We see the flaws she sees in herself; we see her subconscious. She is boundless, unable to shield herself from outside impressions and influences.

Following feedback from some people in the psychological community in Buskerud, the performance was stopped. Eating disorders and self-harm are in a special position when it comes to contagion and symptom imitation, and there were reactions to the target group for which the performance was shown. Hege Haagenrud, on the other hand, has created The Boundless in consultation with professionals whose field of expertise is self-harm.

Scenekunstbruket takes the feedback received about the performance seriously, and at the same time it raises many interesting issues in relation to the dissemination of art to children and young people in an arena such as the Cultural Rucksack in general. An arena where art is largely compulsory for pupils - and an arena where art reaches a large audience. At the same time, there is uncertainty and professional disagreement about what can be shown to children and young people, both within the healthcare community and the art community.


Among other things, the day will look at the target group, contagion, pedagogical apparatus and, not least, openness about serious issues raised in art aimed at young people.

We begin by watching the performance De grenseløse (The boundless ) by Hege Haagenrud, before the speakers lay the foundation for further discussion. The moderator is Camilla Vanebo, former performing arts consultant in Oppland County Council, now self-employed in Friogfrank AS.

Speakers: Runi Børresen (Associate Professor at Buskerud University College), Juni Raak Høiseth (User Council at Capio Anorexia Center in Fredrikstad), Gry Ulfeng (former performing arts consultant in Vest-Agder) Ida Strøm-Larsen (Project Manager at the National Museum)

Date: Monday, January 28, 2013
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Venue: Det Andre Teatret, Ivan Bjørndalsgate 9
Price: 250,-
Pre-registration only by January 23.
The professional day includes performance, lunch and coffee.

Registration only here: deltager.no/farlige_kunst

More information about speakers etc. will follow.