Norsk scenekunstbruk and Dramatikerforbundet have drawn up and signed an industry agreement that regulates financial and moral rights between playwrights and producers who are not members of Norsk Teater- og orkesterforening (NTO). The agreement has also been drawn up in collaboration with Performing Arts Hub Norway.

This agreement will be very relevant for those who write for independent producers, and perhaps especially for those who write for children and young people for productions such as The Cultural Rucksack (DKS).
The agreement between the two parties does not contain any guiding figures for how much the playwright's fee should be. However, the parties agree that the current rate in the NTO agreement will be used as a basis. Many of the producers in question request one-act plays, which means a reduction that must be negotiated in each case. The price of the individual performance in the market will also vary, and this price will in turn determine how much the playwright receives per performance.
The size of the fee during the writing process will also vary depending on how much production funding the producer has before the show is made. All these variables are set out in the contract.

For more information and an interview with Gunnar Germundson, head of the Dramatists' Union, and
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