Venue: Det Andre Teatret, Ivan Bjørndalsgate 9, Oslo.
NOK 100,- for adults, 70,- for children
Open to all interested parties, welcome!

14.00 Performance Superwoman
Approx. 14.50 We hear two "viewers" from a little on the edge of the field talk for 15 min about what they have seen
Then there will be a further conversation (15 min) with Thea Fjørtoft.
Den Andre Caféen is open and serves food and drinks to those who want to stay for a while.

Everything is recorded on video and made available to interested parties via Scenekunstbrukets webTvkanal:
The project is under the artistic direction of Det Andre Teatret and is a collaboration with Norsk Scenekunstbruk with support from Kunstløftet/Norsk Kulturråd.


What makes stunt people throw themselves in front of cars? Why do they allow themselves to be set on fire? And how are fight scenes actually shot on film?

Thea Danielsen Fjørtoft is a stuntwoman and actress. She is the only one in the Nordic region to possess this combination.

"Superwoman" is an autobiographical lecture performance based on a stuntwoman's experience and reflections on the processes she goes through in her profession.

The actress herself has worked on more than 25 film and TV productions as a stuntwoman. "Thematically, this is a show about following dreams and setting goals, often high and unattainable goals. About allowing yourself to dream that anything is possible. This is a show full of film and sound, action and drama, where stunts are revealed and explained. Based on the stunt industry, topics such as setting boundaries, trust, courage, respect, and the value of having good colleagues who keep agreements are touched upon.

The performance is a mixture of Thea's own experiences and her reflections on this. As the title insinuates, the assignments can sometimes be too special. The expectation that a stunt performer never gets hurt, is immortal, and never has reservations about going higher, longer, faster or harder is very much a myth that comes with the profession.

Being a stuntwoman isn't necessarily about being a jackass, or throwing yourself in front of the first and best car that comes by. Precision, confidence, self-control and patience are just as important as courage, physical skills, mental strength and, finally, some guts.