The concert started with a bang. With earplugs in our ears and expectations to the roof the concert began. The lights were blinding and the music was loud. This child friendly heavy metal show was definitely something else. The music was catchy and your whole body was rocking with it. They considered their band a progressive metal band that incorporates other genres into their songs. 


This band is from Denmark and has been a band for 11 years. They have been best friends for over a decade and they write mostly about the unfortunate events that have happened in their lives. 


The music was so great but we feel that the audience has a lot of impact. If the people there were proper fans of heavy metal,  we think the crowd would be more engaged and the experience would be better. We feel that heavy metal is a very unique genre that is new for a lot of people. We think that this concert was a great introduction to heavy metal and could inspire people to listen to the genre more. 


All in all, we had a great time listening to and rocking with defecto!


Written by Freya (15), Thyra (15) and Synne (15).