Duration: 60 min
Target audience: 10 years and up
To the lighthouseTo the Lighthouse is a play based on one of Virgina Woolf's novels. It's about the Ramsey family who have a summer house on the coast. James, the youngest son, really wants to go out to the lighthouse. The weather doesn't look promising, but his mother doesn't want James to lose hope.
Before the actual play began, we watched a movie that was related to the play. Much of what we saw in the film, we also recognized in the play.
I would say that the message of this performance was to show that you have to take care of the moments because you never know when you die. In addition, we also notice that the father starts to regret not taking James to the lighthouse when he was little, because when James is 16 he doesn't want to go out there. It's clear that they've tried to make the content childish so that it would be easier to understand, but I didn't feel that they managed it.
It's a long story that has to be told in a short space of time, and you really have to concentrate to keep up with the play. Personally, I think there is an incredibly good message in this play, but I feel that they struggle a little to convey it so that it is easy to understand. Sometimes I felt that it could be a little more frivolous than it really should have been, and in the long run it also became quite boring to watch.

We SUS were pretty much in agreement after this performance, and didn't feel that this play was anything special for us. The play was long and boring, in addition it was messy and difficult to really understand the message. That's why we've decided to give this play 2 theater masks.

Text: Lise Driveklepp 
Images: Showbox.no