A Million Summer Birds is a beautiful performance that combines music, fairy tales and dance. The piece is initially based on Edward Van De Vendel's book of the same name, but dybwikdans wanted to make this story a reality. The performance is about growing up, experiencing the world and, not least, falling in love. They perform this in an incredibly charming way that means we can't take our eyes off the stage for a second.

A Million Butterflies is about a baby elephant, Nelius, who wakes up to a night sky full of beautiful butterflies. Nelius has never seen butterflies before and wants to tell his parents about his discovery. His parents are a little unsure at first, but when they realize that Nelius is telling the truth, they ask him to leave. Nelius is unsure where to go, but they just say "you'll figure it out on your own", so Nelius trusts his parents and sets off on an adventurous journey. Nelius then decides to find out the answer to where all the millions of butterflies come from. Along the way, he meets many different animals that help him find the answer. But where do the butterflies come from? And what will he find there?
A million butterflies is performed by two dancers of different genders and one male actor. As the play unfolds, two of the actors take turns playing different characters with the help of masks. The masks are shaped like different animals and have many fine details that make the masks look real. The dancers are very talented and express the story in a good way through dance.
The lighting in the performance is positioned to give the audience a fairytale atmosphere. The butterflies in particular, which are shown from a projector, give the play a nice and magical atmosphere that suits the play very well.
We thought the length of the play was perfect, not too long or too short. You don't get bored, but neither do you long for more. The amount of action and dance was also well portioned. They played the play smoothly, which meant that the audience did not get tired of both dance and action.
The set-up for the play was also quite impressive. The performance had a good start, a jump in tension and not least a beautiful ending. It's not often that a performance manages to keep such a momentum, but this play managed it with flying colors and we admire them for it.
We think a million butterflies is one of the best plays we've seen during the Showbox period. The play was beautiful, sweet, romantic and simply wonderful. The performance gave us a feeling of being part of a little fairy tale. We couldn't stop smiling at how beautiful the story was. A million butterflies simply gave us goosebumps.
Duration: 30 minutes
Target group: from 3 years