Skaut av frikar is a beautiful dance performance that sheds light on gender roles in Norwegian folk dance. Throughout the performance, we see five women dancing both the feminine and masculine parts of the performance. The entire dance performance raises the big question of whether the Norwegian skaut can also see the light of day now that the hijab and niqab have taken center stage here in the Nordic region.


Skaut gives us everything from laughter to tears. The show starts calmly with three of the women on stage, as the last two walk through the amphitheater on either side through the audience and shout over to each other. What we also thought was great was how they managed to grab the audience's attention from the first minute until the performance was over. Something we paid particular attention to was the use of effects and how an entire story was explained through textiles and movements. But also the folk dance with hallingkast with a modern version.


What we also love about skaut was how they also gave room for humor while addressing important social issues. Something in this performance that also gave us the "wow" feeling was how they showed us how we humans react to social change and identity change. By showing what happens when you take off your skirt and dress.


This was a beautiful performance that we think everyone in the audience enjoyed. The dance performance is suitable for most people, but mostly for those who are interested in performing arts and for youth and up.


Maja 15 years

Photo: Antero Hein