Idea/concept: Katja Brita Lindeberg

Directed by: Katja Brita Lindeberg

On stage: Dagfinn Tutturen

Composer: Martin Mulholland

Lighting design: Eirik Brenne Torsethaugen

Costume design: Thale Kvam Olsen

Props: Thale Kvam Olsen and Katja Brita Lindeberg

Stage design: Ørjan Wiklund

Eye from the outside: Kjersti Haugen

Photo: Elen Sonja Klouman

Co-producer: Avant Garden Theater


"If only Light Blue could be a superhero" is about a boy who is scared and lonely. He is often left alone in the schoolyard and the other kids pick on him. He's not allowed to play football because he's too bad at it. He doesn't dare talk to the teachers, and his mum and dad are just disappointed and sad.

Light Blue's big dream is to become a superhero so that the teachers and other children can see that he's not just a wimp. He wants to be a hero that no one can be mean to. He wants to be tough, brave and help those in need. Even if he himself is in need, but no one knows that.

The play addressed important issues such as how gender roles and stereotypes affect young boys. The main focus was on bullying. We thought they conveyed this in a good way that wasn't overly educational by letting the children answer what was right and wrong. It was a serious topic, but at the same time entertaining for children, young people and most adults.

It was funny how Light Blue played with his superhero characters, and how it reflected back on the situation he himself was in.

The youngest members of the audience were very involved, which we thought was great. Cozy comments from the kids that we especially noticed were "You can just be yourself" and "You're super enough for me."

There was only one actor on stage, Lyseblå. He is a skilled actor and got into the character well. It was very believable, especially for the audience. The use of effects, sound, lighting and music worked well together. At times there were some scenes that gave us a creepy feeling. We therefore think the play is suitable for children aged 7 and up.