Mandarinsaft was a musical experience for both young children and adults. To get into the musical show, you had to use your imagination. In the beginning, one played the piano, while the other played the guitar. Eventually, the other began to play the guitar and the piano was no longer used. The first song was called "sang te sola". As you can see from the title, it was about the sun and warm days.

Mandarinsaft consists of Even Moen Jenssen and Bendik Ulla. They wanted everyone to be filled with joy and imagination. Throughout the performance, they always had good contact with the audience. There was a good atmosphere between the artists and the children. The children had fun and asked many questions related to the stories they had told. The stories were about a tree in the secret garden that the monkey climbs every day to dream away and fantasize. The first story was about how a big brother treated his little brother. At the end of the story, they told the children that this was pretty bad and that you can't treat your brothers like that. The song associated with this story is called "Little Brother".

After the song, Even chose one of the children to greet the monkey. This caused the other children to shout that they were the first. Then Bendik said that they could greet the monkey after the performance, and it got quiet again. Then they started playing their third song of the day, which was called 'Skitur'. The song was about hiking and nature, and while they were playing, we clapped our hands to the rhythm. When the song finished, one of the men told a story from when he was 5 years old and was going fishing with his uncle. He went along, even though he wasn't that fond of fish. The children listened carefully and you got the impression that they were excited.

"Fiskelykke" was the penultimate song we listened to, it was about the fishing trip, and about how his uncle loved fishing and eating fish, while he liked pizza instead. On the last song "Candy", which was a rock song, the children got to play their air guitars. Throughout the show, Even and Bendik made sure that all the children had fun. At the end of the show they wanted to show us a trick, but the monkey was bored and didn't want to do anything. So to get him to fly, everyone had to make a wind sound.

I think the kids seemed to have a great time, both because of the artists and the songs that dealt with themes for the youngest: humor, play, relationships and emotions.

Written by Wiktoria Kaszuba (Wiky).

Photo: Jan Frode Haugseth