Image result for make me dance panta reiYesterday there were many performances on the schedule. Among them was the dance concert "Make me Dance", a performance by Danseteateret Panta Rei, which consisted of four people, three dancers and a DJ. Through self-composed music and dance, they told stories about their past, how they got into the dance scene and other funny stories.

Before the performance, we wondered whether we would have to dance ourselves, given the title of the play "Make me Dance". When we entered the hall, we were greeted by jovial and happy dancers, and were directed to seats on the dance floor. The opening scene started with all three dancers dancing energetically with each other, while the DJ played his own music from the system at the back of the small hall while the dancers danced to it. The three dancers then moved on to a solo dance each, where the one who was dancing was introduced by one of the others who was not dancing. They combined this with dancing both together and alone, and the audience seemed impressed. As the performance progressed, the audience became more and more involved in the actual performance, including being able to record our own melody and music on the DJ's system, and everyone also got the chance to dance at the end.

Image result for make me dance panta reiSo we were asked if we had to dance ourselves, which we did to a certain extent, "fortunately" for those of us who perhaps dreaded this. However, we found that this was not something to dread, as there was great freedom in how you wanted to dance, and you could let yourself go to the extent you wanted. What I think was good about this piece was that we also got an insight into the dancers' personalities and personal experiences, not just dancing. I think that the audience also had a personal relationship with the piece, and that most of them left with a feeling that they were also connected to the performance. One thing that perhaps made it as good as it could have been was that it was a bit repetitive and used a lot of the same dance steps. But, all in all, a very nice dance performance.

Håkon, SUS 2017