Leahkit was the last performance we saw on Wednesday, everyone thought it was an exciting experience. Leahkit is North Sami for 'to be present',

Hallgrim Hansegård the choreographer for fairitale in eurovision 2009, has now worked withd joikeren Torgeir Vassvik to create a unique blend of Sami joik and Norwegian folk dance. It all starts with Hallgrim lighting a fire and dancing to the flames, making music with his body such as stomping and clapping, followed by Torgeir singing and playing instruments. It feels like it starts with rivalry then interaction.


Stykket has an impressive variety of music and dance, from just singing to guitar, drums and percussion. Both the music and the dancing were beautiful. There is also a lot of work that has gone into this production, such as learning an hour of choreography and all the songs. Several of us enjoyed it but theyn have a a bit of a slow start so young children can lose patience. If you are interested in culture or just lots of nice music and dance, this is perfect for you.