"In the bosom of the sea"is siblings Andreas and Julie Rokseth talking about their grandparents' story through music. Among other things, they talk about their and other family members' experiences through life.


This concert will be worked on by performing arts producer Vibeke Rullestad, and music producer Ragnhild Vreim Tvedten. This is because this concert is part of something called a producer forum. In the producer forum, we get to see a performance that is not quite finished. The performance will be worked on during the festival, and then we get to see it again on the last day of Marked For Musikk. 


I think the songs were fine, but the concert has some potential for improvement. The interplay between Andreas and Julie worked very well. It's easy to get lost in the melodies they play. When you listen, you realize that it has connections with the sea. That's why the title fits the stories very well.

The first song is about the small island (Sula) where the grandparents grew up. It gives you an insight into what it was like to live there and how the island makes you feel.

The second song is about the grandfather passing away and the grief felt by the grandmother. The grandfather went to sea and died along the way, the grandmother spent almost a lifetime grieving.

"The song after that is about that feeling after the grief, the joy that the grandmother gives when she is the most exuberant person in the room. This song gave a very exuberant and happy mood in the hall, it was a nice ending to the performance. I also got different connections between the characters and the beautiful music they play.

  • I'm looking forward to hearing the concert on Thursday, and these are my expectations:
  • I hope that they get the story across better, and that they talk more to the audience than to each other, because we were a bit excluded, and it was a bit difficult to follow the story being told. 
  • I would like to see more and better effects in the background, it became a bit boring and difficult to follow what was happening on stage because there was so little going on. 
  • The light changed abruptly and it got a little tiring after a while.
  • I think there was little atmosphere on stage, it became a bubble around them, and the audience was a bit excluded. I hope you are also looking forward to seeing part 2. 


Producer forum part 1: In the bosom of the sea