This was a dance performance with a performer called Odd Johan Fritzøe. He had choreographed the whole dance, which lasted an hour, and danced it on stage for us. The first thing we saw when we entered the hall was a large sculpture in the middle of the stage and Odd Johan himself lying on the ground with some smaller figures.

"The dance itself was good, but we had a slight disagreement about whether we liked it. I personally liked some parts of the dance better than others and I think the rest would agree. The melodies he danced to were interesting. It seemed like they had some problems with the lighting but it didn't seem like Odd Johan was affected by this and just carried on which could mean that he has practiced a lot which we appreciate.

His costume was simple. It consisted of a simple white shirt and brown pants. The sculpture was very nicely made and fitted in well.

We would recommend this piece to dance enthusiasts and those who want to use their senses a little extra. They say that dance doesn't have a formula for what the message is, but that you have to think about it yourself.