From April 26 to May 3, the SWOP dance festival takes place in Roskilde, Denmark. On April 27-28, NOBA, the Nordic-Baltic Dance Network for Young Audiences, will hold its network meeting at the festival, and you can apply for travel support if you want to go!

This is the third network meeting of NOBA:
"The topic for the meeting is the use of our senses when creating performing arts and will feature a symposium about the senses and the bodily perception. The symposium will feature performances, presentations and discussions."

Main questions
Are we forgetting to use our senses when creating performances for young audiences?
What is Aistesis?
How come some performances just go right into you?
How does understanding come about?
Is the narrative more understandable than the perceived?
What are the senses really, and how do artists, pedagogues and others working with performances for young audiences utilize the senses?

Janus Hecht, philosopher.
Nanett Borre, pedagogue and yoga instructor.
Thomas Eisenhardt, artistic director of Aaben Dans.
Catherine Poher, instructor.
Francesca Sorgato, performer and choreographer.
Dalija Acin Thelander, choreographer and creator of the performance Babyspace.

The symposium is moderated by dramaturg Mette Wolf Iversen.

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