Naturalist Lonnie has an exciting story to tell. There's a mysterious creature nearby, one that no one has ever seen before. It's a Trufilott! The Trufilot looks strange and moves very strangely. Lonnie has always wanted to meet a Trufilott and is eager to research it, but the Trufilott has its own antics and the whole thing turns into one big fracas. Is the Trufilot just being mischievous, or is there something Lonnie doesn't understand?

How do you meet someone who is very different from you? And can you learn something from each other's differences? The performance is produced in collaboration with Akershus Teater.

30 minutes

Set up:
30 minutes

30 minutes

Other equipment:
Light and sound equipment brought along

Vilde Søyland

Cengiz Nereid

Lina Fjørtoft

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14 600

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