Crows with COPD? Companionable whales? How that fits into the story of the angry boy may be hard to imagine, but just wait! Using beatboxing, live looping, poetry, rap and storytelling, Taro and Beatur serve up a fun and fabulously wondrous performance with a solid moral compass.

Two Wolves is a fun children's show inspired by myths and stories from the American indigenous population. With the help of beatboxing, looping, poetry, rap, a solid dose of humor and a very rich gallery of characters, we get a story that takes us through the weirdest events. Underlying it all is a solid moral compass: There are two wolves in all of us. One represents greed, jealousy and lies. The other represents love, hope and joy. Who do we let win?

35 minutes

Technical equipment (must be rented or brought):

Taro Vestøl Cooper
Artistic director, Director, Actor, Performer

Artistic director, Director, Actor, Performer

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