A story about growing up and the relationships between the most important people in our close relationships: parents and children. SEE ME! is a story about a girl's upbringing and her relationship with her mother and father, and about her detachment and liberation process for her own independence and independent choices. It also tells of the family members' relationship with each other. The performance sheds light on every person's right to find their own self in the family. None of us have grown up without a small scratch in the paint. It's completely normal. It's always fascinating to see that a small child already has a personality in the womb. And then the child grows up and has to break free. That's what this story SEE ME! is all about. The beautiful thing is that the process of liberation usually creates strong people. And if we manage to let go of children or parents, the relationships become stronger and deeper over the years Contemporary dance mixed with various dance forms is used to express humor, play, defiance, unity, loneliness, grief and free expression of life.

48 minutes

Max capacity:

Set up:
120 minutes

45 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 8; Height: 3 Depth: 8

Carrying help:

16 A and 10 A (at least 4 different courses)

Comments for the workshop:
-We can create educational programs related to dance in general, and/or educational programs related to the production. -Creative work with props from the production SEE ME! -Duet work/partner work is included in this program.

Christer Tornell

Vilde Viktoria Madsen

Nina Lill Svendsen

Sølvi Edvardsen

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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Nina Lill Svendsen