It's Sweden in mid-February. On a playground, four classmates meet by chance. It's not four best friends who meet, but they have something strong in common: The Big Choice! It's the last day to apply for high school. The feeling of a life-changing decision hangs heavy over the playground. A drama is taking shape, where hope and dreams for the future clash with apathy and desperation. And in the middle of it all, there's a total lunar eclipse and a blood-red moon rises in the winter sky. How does it feel to suddenly be declared an adult and make life-changing choices at the age of 15? And is it really that life-changing? Can you choose your future? What is it that matters? And how do you know who you are? A play by Greta Sundberg about friendship, life choices and the difficulty of fitting in. With absurd approaches and humor, puppets and music, we address the most important things!

60 minutes

Max capacity:

Set up:
180 minutes

90 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 5-7. Height: 2-3. Depth: 5-7

Carrying help:

10 A

Comments to the workshop:
Workshop in shadow puppet theater Being a young person today more than ever means facing countless choices. And every choice feels like a life-changing one. This is often discussed at school, before the choice of high school, or during high school before "adult life". Instead of another discussion, we offer a workshop in shadow play theater where young people get the opportunity to express thoughts about the future through their own creative work! A much appreciated and popular project! (See information about the Shadow Theatre Workshop under "productions" or on our website: )

Sten Wallin

Michael Koitzsch

Åse Nelson

Vesna Stanisic

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