In the middle of the vast plateau, we approach the reindeer lodge. I can feel the cold biting into my body as I enter the fence. The temperature is 24 degrees below zero, the wind is raging and the landscape offers no shelter. The reindeer's range of movement is frighteningly limited. In a diameter of 8 meters, the animals rage around us with tremendous force. They make their way over and under each other. Throwing us off balance. Climbing on each other. Breathing and panting. I can feel antlers brushing against my skin. In the winter of 2009, two dancers had the courage to stand in the middle of a chaotic reindeer herd to dance. This unusual encounter with the reindeer herd and the cold landscape has resulted in the performance Reindeer Dance - Boazodánsa. Using film footage from this encounter, as well as atmospheric lighting and music, the dancers want to take the audience through their experience of being in the reindeer herd, and the energy they were driven into. The performance seeks to convey a cold atmosphere that represents the Sami, the Nordic and the Arctic.

35 minutes

Max capacity:

Set up:
150 minutes

60 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 11; Height: 4 Depth: 6

Carrying help:

Must be blended:

Simone Grøtte Pedersen

Johanne Eltoft

Tor S. Ditlevsen

Herman Rundberg

Sveinung Ryan

Enoksen Viktor

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There are two versions of this performance, a large one that must be performed at Kulturhus etc. and a smaller version that can be set up in a gymnasium. Please contact the group for more information.

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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Simone Grøtte Pedersen