What happens when you find an ancient computer in your attic and discover that it's part of an intergalactic starship? Join us as we dismantle the computer and uncover the history of the starship.

Plantana is a sci-fi story about friendship and difference, and about protecting what you love.                   

The show follows two friends who live on an unbalanced planet. A planet where life has become an absurd search for the next new trend! With the help of a starship, the friends escape the tyranny of trends. They travel into the vastness of space, and into the tiny treasures of the seed bank. This is a story about how small people can initiate big changes and become part of the solution.

In collaboration with KVANN - Norwegian Seed Savers, we've developed seed packs with real seeds from wild-growing local crops. The seeds come with instructions on how the public can both sow the seed and eat the plant.

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, SPENN, Dramatikkens hus, Figurteateret i Nordland and Oslo Municipality

45 minutes

Max capacity:

Set up:
120 minutes

60 minutes

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Other equipment:
The production has its own lighting equipment but lacks a light stand. The performance needs either to be able to connect to the school's/game room's PA system via a mixer with two channels (stereo left/right, jack or phono). If there is no PA system available, active monitors need to be rented - 2 monitors can work, but 4 is optimal. Need for 3 manfrotto light stands with t-bone. As well as 3 LED parcan lights for extra lighting if possible.

Madeleine Barosen Herholdt

Ragni Halle

Jørgen Skjulstad
Performer, Other

Ellen Jerstad
Artistic director, Director

Heidi Dalene

Ella Honeyman-Novotny

Marianne Malmåsen

Vincent Vernerie

Hazel Barstow

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