What if you're a princess girl with the cutest dress in the world, gorgeous long hair, lots of pink toys and as much pink candy as you want, and you're still sad? Pink is like that.

The performance is a different kind of princess story about loneliness, play and wild princess dreams. You'll get to know Rosa as she balances on white high-heeled shoes while trying to dance her princess dance perfectly. Some might say that Rosa has everything a girl could dream of.

Yet she is sad. She has no friends to play with, or parents who have time for her. Mom and dad are always away at meetings or big parties, they're at training or signing important papers. Rosa often wonders if there's something wrong with her, since mom and dad are never home.

Supported by: Spenn.no and Arts Council Norway

45 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 7 Depth: 7

Ewa Walllin

Katja Lindeberg

Nalle P. Laanela

Nora Evensen

Ørjan Wiklund

Base price A
11 530

Basic price B
12 670

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