Norse mythology meets breaking and animation in this fantastical tale of the gods of Asgard and their battle against the evil forces of darkness.

Inspired by Voluspå and Snorre's Edda, Absence has created a fantastic show about Norse mythology. The story follows the Norse gods of Asgard from the creation of the world to Ragnarok, the end of the world. The show is made in true Absence style, which for many is synonymous with raw breaking, a good dose of humor, fantastic music and acrobatics at an extremely high level.

Absence has interpreted this dramatic and sometimes dark story in an exciting and innovative way by combining theater, breaking and animation. Norr is an action comedy suitable for the whole family, whether you're 7 or 70. You're guaranteed to feel the rhythms of the Viking drums on your body!

At first there was nothing, just fire and ice in the Ginnunga Gap. As the ice melted, life was born. The evil giant Yme rises from the darkness. Odin fights Yme and uses his body to create the world. He makes a home for humans, Midgard. A castle where the gods can live, Asgard. And a place where the evil giants can live, Jotunheimen. And finally, a bridge between these places, Bivrost.

Odin had several sons, but two were his favorites. Thor, the god of thunder, he is the strongest of them all and when he swings his hammer Mjølner the whole world trembles. Balder, the god of light, he is the fairest and kindest among them, and everyone loves him. Balder creates balance in the universe.

One night, Odin has a nightmare that predicts that he will lose his sons and that the world he has created will be destroyed in Armageddon. Balder is the key to it all, he must not be harmed. Odin sets out on a journey to get all creatures and plants to swear not to harm Balder. Everyone swore except one, a plant so young and harmless that Odin didn't think it would hurt, the mistletoe.

Odin's favoritism towards his sons creates frustration and anger in Loki. He manages to lure evil into Asgard, sneaking the Fenris Wolf past Heimdall, the guardian of the gods. When he learns of the mistletoe, he hatches a cunning plan to kill Balder and bring about the end of the world.

In Ragnarok, the classic battle between the gods and the creatures of darkness is fought. Thor tries to defeat the Midgard Serpent, Odin against the Fenris Wolf and Heimdall fights to the last to try and stop Loki.

Co-produced with Den Nationale Scene.

55 minutes

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Joy, self-confidence and a sense of mastery are key words that are central to an Absence workshop. You learn to rock to the music, dance with others, improvise and of course many cool breakemoves. The workshop and dance classes are suitable for children and adults of all ages. Absence means absence or temporary loss of consciousness, and refers to the feeling of just dancing and forgetting everything around you, and it is this feeling that Absence tries to convey in its workshops. "One of the most fun parts of the courses is creating a jam, where everyone dances together, or a battle where you compete group against group, or one against one. You really get to challenge yourself and your friends. Join us and turn the world upside down with Absence! Workshops are customized on request. 

Andreas Roksvåg

Daniel Grindeland

Piero Issa

Christopher Bottolfsen

Ole Petter Knarvik

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