A powerful performance about how a four-year-old lived with a pack of dogs on the streets of Moscow for over two years, My Life With Dogs is based on the true story of Ivan Misukov. At the age of four, Ivan wandered the streets of Moscow, never to return home to his mother. He stayed on the streets with a pack of dogs until social services took him in after two years, and when asked what it was like to live with humans again, he replied: "It's nice to live with people, they give me food, but dogs are better than people because they don't lie."In a dark world among nervous policemen, drunken sailors, a punk band and a single mother, this wild story unfolds. The starting point for this performance is a newspaper article from 1998 about six-year-old Ivan Mishukov, who was taken from the streets of Moscow by the police and child welfare services after living for more than two years with a pack of dogs. What made Teater NIE interested in creating a production based on this story was the publication of several interviews made by the child welfare services in Moscow.

65 minutes

Max capacity:

Set up:
120 minutes

60 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 7-10. Height: 4-8. Depth: 8-10

16 amp

Comments to the workshop:
We have an exclusive agreement with director Hana Pollak to show the film The Children of Leningradski in connection with the performance.For more info about the film:http://www.childrenofleningradsky.com/

Kjell Moberg

Robert Orr

Alex Byrne

David Pagan

Elke Laleman

Iva Moberg

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