Fredrik misses his grandfather. The two were best friends and did everything together. But now he's gone. For good. Fredrik thinks it's strange that he's no longer here. 

All Fredrik wants in the world is to learn to do magic like his grandfather did. Fredrik's grandfather was the world's greatest magician. He could pull money out of people's ears, make things float, saw women in half and pull rabbits out of hats. If only his grandfather had had time to teach him, Fredrik might have brought his grandfather back to life. 

One day Fredrik goes up to the attic and rummages through his grandfather's old things. He finds his grandfather's old top hat, gloves and magic wand, and magical things begin to happen...

Co-production with Akershus Theatre.

35 minutes

Set up:
30 minutes

30 minutes

Erlend Haugen Vikhagen

Håkon Thorstensen Nielsen
Artistic director, Performer

Terje Hartviksen

Ragnhild Mærlie

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