"I don't know why I kissed Kaja. It just happened, and it was kind of weird, but it was kind of nice too? Right?"

The Kiss follows Mia and Kaja, two best friends who have finally started secondary school. Suddenly, the boys aren't afraid of girl lice and the girls aren't afraid of boy lice. Instead, they prefer to mix each other's lice and be close, close, close. Then something happens. Something happens in Mia, something that has perhaps always been there, but which is only now coming to the surface and which she doesn't quite know if she likes...The play is about new discoveries and forbidden love, and deals with a theme that can be vulnerable and frightening for many young people. living out their identity is not always easy, for fear of being harassed and pushed away.

With this performance, we want to challenge the audience and create greater openness, safety and acceptance. Although LGBTIQ has gained more rights, there are still many prejudices that can make it difficult for young people to accept their own orientation. Many young queer people want sex education in schools to include all forms of sexuality and orientation, to help broaden knowledge and create greater acceptance of the topic. We hope that this performance will challenge prejudices, attitudes and audiences, and inspire youth and young adults to a greater openness and acceptance of all those they meet.

The production is supported by: Arts Council Norway, Kristiansand Municipality, Fritt Ord, Bergesenstiftelsen, CultivaEkspress, Scenekunst Sør, Fond for frilansere, Assitej Norge, Fri Agder, Clarion Hotel Ernst, Xpressprint andTeateret i Kristiansand.

50 minutes

Max capacity:

Set up:
90 minutes

45 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 5 Depth: 5

Audience seating:
Audience seating in a horseshoe around the stage is preferred.

Must be blended:

Technical equipment (must be rented or brought):

André Lassemo
Artistic director

Jon Erik Myre
Artistic director

Robin A. Eriksen

Nora G. Svalheim
Actor, Other

Helene. L. Solberg
Actor, Other

Victor Phillipson

Anniken Lerikjær

Fridtjof Wesseltoft

Kanon Produksjon

Basic price A
17 690

Base price B
17 980

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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