What can the body be? How does the body express who we are? Can we create a space that has room for everyone? Through workshop and performance, a holistic art experience is created.

This KROM workshop is specifically designed for middle school students and explores themes such as body, expression, participation, collaboration, tolerance, diversity and inclusion. Pupils actively participate and create their own dance, experience, reflect and express themselves.
Through the workshop, students are given the opportunity to explore movement and space in an inclusive way. Students are introduced to simple tasks that provide a safe experience. Three dance artists step in and out of the roles as performers and guides for the students from start to finish. The students get to build their own room out of masking tape into which the dance is then placed. The students are then each other's audience, in a collective art event in the gym. The students reflect on their own choices, creating and the art experience.

KROM provides a holistic art experience that includes dance, music and visual art, where the student is both inside and outside the artworks produced.
The students become part of a culture where each individual expression has equal value and where they are given room to be themselves and make their own choices. The teacher participates alongside and in line with the students.

Max capacity:

standard power outlet

Caroline W. Nesse
Artistic director

Marius Kjos

Camilla Myhre

Jon Mariussen

Stine Gjestvang

Emma Öberg

Ida Maria Halvorsen

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From August 1, prices will be GP A NOK 19,570 / GP B NOK. 19 820

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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