Old man Felix is a lonely man, dusting off old photos and answering phones that don't ring. Every day he wakes up at the same time to the same alarm clock, drinks coffee, reads the newspaper, talks to himself and polishes his glasses. One day, he has had enough - and writes a contact letter to the newspaper. And that's when things start to happen.Annika Udo of Teater Visuell is the director of Norway's smallest theater, Stillverk 1. Stillverk 1 was originally an old control tower by the railway in Trondheim. Now it has become one of the most special theater stages in the country. The small tower has a small foyer with chandeliers and magical puppets in the corners. A small spiral staircase leads up to the tower, where Annika Udo performs her shows for a small audience. There are only 24 seats here and seats are in short supply. Schools located near the railroad tracks are invited to a train tour! The local train stops at all the small stations on the way into Trondheim and takes all the young children on a train ride to the smallest theater there is. The pupils get off at the end of the line and follow the old walkway between the railway lines and the canal. Here they are met by the theater director and guided up the tower - and the show can begin! The production is available for tour also outside Teater Visuell's own theater.

45 minutes

Max capacity:

Set up:
120 minutes

60 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 3 Height: 3 Depth: 3

3 x 16 amp.

Gunnar Fretheim

Bjørn Myrholdt

Bjørn Myrholdt

Annika Udo

Hartmut Lorentz

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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