If the system owns the words, the system owns you.

Owned by Oslo Municipality is the story of the Princess. She is in the National Library for the thirty millionth time to tell her story and take her rightful place on the shelves there. But the Princess has a lot on her mind, and it's hard to include everything. Luckily, the librarian there is kind enough to help out with feedback and tips and tricks, so this is going to work out. Or will it?

Owned by the City of Oslo is a slam poetry theater performance for young adults and young adults about storytelling and power. About which stories are told and who gets to tell them, on what terms. About how strange and confusing it can be to maneuver through a jungle of stories that are made about, but not necessarily by, the person they describe. About being lots of "a little", but not "enough" of anything.

About loving cheese doodles. And about being a princess who is Shitty. Tired. Of fairy tales.

Produced by Jovialkontoret with co-producer SPKRBOX, in collaboration with Kloden Teater and Nationaltheatret.
Owned by the City of Oslo with support from the Arts Council Norway, FFUK and Dramatikkens Hus.

70 minutes

Max capacity:

480 minutes

240 minutes

Stage size:
Minimum 8mx6mx4m

Room or area specifications:
Must be played on a theater stage/blackbox etc. with proper lighting rig.

Audience location:

Carrying help:

Technical equipment (must be rented or brought along):
LIST OF EQUIPMENT THE THEATRE MUST HAVE AVAILABLE LIGHTING: 14 fresnel 1kw (possibly LED) with barn doors 4 RGB zoom/pan/tilt 8 RGB zoom pairs 8 LED Profile for side light 6 RGB flat pairs 1 Hazer Audience light 3 channel dimmer 1 GrandMA3 Filter L609 for speedlights Lights are pre-rigged, matched and addressed as far as possible before the company's arrival. Light plot drawings can be sent over. SOUND: * 2x headband microphones (sennheiser HSP 2 or other) w. transmitters and receivers. * 1x wireless handheld microphone. * Mosquito tape for attaching the mic to the face. Unwinder provides a powerful professional PA system (top and bottom) capable of delivering 100db without distortion throughout the venue. THE COMPANY BRINGS WITH THEM 2 DMX drivers and power supply 1 led string 3 steel lamps 1 x Computer with qlab (with license). 1 x Small bluetooth speaker (uses aux cable) 1 x mixer

Must be able to handle all of the above.

Other equipment:
THE COMPANY BRINGS WITH IT Stage design: 4 bookshelves 1 small desk 2 chairs 10 books with LED lights 1 large storybook with light 1 LED light decor Hundreds of books (real and fake) Two buckets of colored plastic balls that are emptied from the grid Various props

Sofia Knudsen Estifanos
Artistic director, Actor, Performer, Playwright/text, Producer

Mari Elise Haugen

Cici Henriksen
Artistic director, Director

Agnethe Tellefsen
Artistic director, Scenography, Lighting design

Sound design, Composer

Rav Kvikkestøyl Helland

Shiva Sherveh

Siriann Petronella Berdal

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

Number of people on tour

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