SHIM is struggling after losing his soulmate in a freak raspberry drop accident. Now SHIM lives in the old apartment, listening to the neighbors and recording stories about their lives.

The performance is a set of toys and stories created by SHIM to ward off the painful reality of being left alone. Ensemble member at Det Andre Teatret and actress Ingvild Haugstad weaves stories where fantasy and reality mix together, letting the audience find out for themselves what is true and what is dreamed.

The show is both funny and absurd, poetic and sad, created by a playful actor who removes the distance between hall and stage. It is a performance that highlights Det Andre Teater's style and characteristics, with transformation, close storytelling told in dialogue with the audience and play with theatrical effects.

The performance is developed through improvisation, in a collaboration between Ingvild Haugstad Gundersen and sound and lighting designer Henrik Stoltz Vernegg.

45 minutes

Max capacity:

Set up:
150 minutes

90 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 8. Height: 3-4. Depth: 6

Carrying aid:

Must be blended:

3x 16A

Ingvild Haugstad Gundersen

Mats Eldøen

Basic price A
16 510

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Marked to price
In addition, travel, per diem and accommodation are included.

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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