Join us and meet two tenacious bees who are doing their best to keep the hive in order, and not least make the queen happy!

Two bees hatch from separate pupae. Their tasks are to clean, nurture, build, court the queen and defend their bee house. With comic performances and Dadaist sound poems and a pompous, self-centered and singing queen bee, strange events occur in the hive.

The performance is inspired by the development of bees and their tasks in a beehive.

Nature as both reality and metaphor is a key element in "BZz BZz DADA dA bee", as a direct metaphor for birth, growth, interaction and development. Through the visual, auditory and the choreographic, both beautiful and surreal tableaux are created with humor and poetry.

All the world's a stage William Shakespeare

World premiere January 23 2013, Dansens Hus-Oslo Co-producer: Dansens Hus.

Supported by Arts Council Norway, The Audio Visual Fund, and The Fund for Performing Artists

35 minutes

Lillian Baur

Inger Cecilie Bertrán de Lis

Daniel Kolstad Gimle

Vidar Løvstad

Hedda Rivrud

Mikael Rønne

Robert Skjærstad

Anne Guri Tvedt

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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