We were looking for artists for the PUSH lab with the theme (over)protection

The application round is now closed, and we thank all interested parties.

More about PUSH and the lab: Where and what are the risk zones for children growing up today? How can we explore the danger zones, safety zones and parental control, and artistically play with this? Performing artists were invited to an eight-day artist lab in Belgium.

Scenekunstbruket is part of PUSH, a 2-year Creative Europe project that, together with partners in Scotland, Belgium, Ireland and Denmark, will explore boundaries in the performing arts for young people.

For eight days, 14 artists from five countries will explore the theme of (over)protection in Hasselt, Belgium. The lab is organized by our Belgian partner Cultuurcentrum Hasselt / Krokusfestival. As part of the week, artists will first spend time in the woods at the Dommelhof (a cultural center focusing on circus, street art and interdisciplinary art) and at the SPOTS festival (a festival for site-specific art in Hasselt).

'We want to explore themes such as unsupervised time, danger zones, safety zones, falls and cuts. We want to understand the risk radar: where is the danger, what is the danger, how can we artistically play with it? Transform it in artistic concepts? Look at different relations between artists, audience and accidental passers-by.'

Led by Sara Vertongen and Jasper Dzuki Jelen with dramaturgical support from Gerhard Verfaillie, the lab takes place September 8-17, 2017 in Dommelhof and Hasselt.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: The application deadline has ended 


Detailed information about how the lab will take place, the application process and the schedule for the week can be found in this document: PUSH Lab - Guidelines and information (over)protection 2017

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information! Send an email to gabrielle@scenekunstbruket.no or call + 47 99 29 01 46.

Read more on the PUSH website.