For two years, Scenekunstbruket has been mapping and investigating the needs and opportunities for a venue for the performing arts and young people in Oslo. Now we're in exciting talks with a real estate developer. We look forward to telling you about what we have come up with, as well as the way forward.

We therefore invite you to a presentation of the KLODEN feasibility study at Kulturhuset in Oslo on Friday, June 16 at 11:00 to 13:00.

We want KLODEN to be a place with children and young people as its core audience. It will be a place where professional theater and dance meet children and young people, and where the young people themselves help to build the place together with professional actors. KLODEN will be a driving force in urban development, a significant arts player for the Oslo region, an important venue for the performing arts in Norway, and a unique place in aEuropean and international context.

Program for the day:

Scenekunstbruket welcomes you and tells you briefly about the project.
Johan De Smet, theater director at Kopergietery Gent in Belgium, provides an outside perspective and talks about cross-border collaboration.
Scenekunstbruket presents the project and its status.
The architectural firm Transborder Studio presents a feasibility study in which KLODEN is drawn into a specific location in Oslo, in collaboration with a real estate developer.
Norsk scenekunstbruk talks about plans and progress in the project.
City Councilor for Culture Rina Mariann Hansen presents plans for the performing arts and young people in Oslo.