For a long time, Scenekunstbruket has wanted to award a prize to everyone who works and works hard in the professional performing arts field for children and young people. So in 2019, in connection with our 25th anniversary, we created Gulljerven. An award that will honor performing artists, companies, performers, technicians, tour organizers and everyone else who works to bring the performing arts to children and young people in every corner of Norway.

Last year, due to circumstances, we only awarded one prize, the Honorary Award, but this year we want nominees in all categories! 

The award is presented during this year's Showbox festival.


2020 and 2021 have been a tough year for actors in the performing arts field, which makes it all the more important to celebrate properly!

Nominations from the field

The nominations have come in from people working in the field of performing arts for children and young people, friends and colleagues, and the jury that selects this year's winners includes Anders Gaarder Karterudseter from the Cultural Rucksack in Oslo, Charlotte Espeland from the Cultural Rucksack in Vestland and dance artist Tony Tran. The prize will be awarded during this year's Showbox, in the first week of December.

The newcomer award

Has a new company or performer entered the field and taken children and young people by storm? Is there someone you see becoming the next big thing in the field of performing arts for children and young people? Someone who deserves to be noticed by the rest of the field?  


  • Lost and Found productions
  • Colonel Krebs and the hunt for the fortress sword
  • Kompani Morell - FORELSKA!
  • Room for Dance UNG
  • Christina R. Søhol. Producer and drama educator
  • StrømmeTeateret
  • Actor Serhat Yildirim, Unge Viken teater
  • Playwright Julian Karenga 
  • Madam Pysj 
  • Wrong Theater
  • ASFALTPULS - Paranoia as hell at sunset, Mine and the gang

Funniest tour story


  • Unge Viken teater, Everything we don't say
  • Voff! Art! Sagliocco Ensemble
  • Star Wårs (with Å), Madam Pysj

Best feedback  

This award goes to the best feedback a performer, company or institution has received from its audience. It can be positive, joyful, strange, incomprehensible or furious feedback.


  • Everything we don't say, Unge Viken teater
  • All clear, Company TO
  • #ME&U, Room for dance
  • Into the unknown, Erler teaterkompani
  • Voff! Art, Sagliocco Ensemble
  • Fabelflakseren, Unge Viken
  • View, Katma
  • Kaino's song, Teater Grimsborken 
  • Star Wårs (with Å), Madam Pysj
  • Fendelhorgen's Flock, Robsrud & DeaN
  • You and me and we two, Dance and tones. Peter Lodwick and Marit Krogeide
  • Brothers and Sisters, NIE

The cable puller award

This award goes to a steady technician who knows how to pull their cable. It can also go to a dancer, actor or performer who shows strong commitment and exquisite precision during up and down rigging. 


  • Bjørn Tore Grøntvedt
  • Jarl Flaatenbjørk Company
  • Kristjan Belgau 
  • Andreas Humlekjær, Madam Pysj
  • Lars August Jørgensen, Madam Pysj
  • Einar Thorbjørnsen, technical manager, DKS Viken

Partner at home alone award 

This award goes to the best partner who puts up with the fact that their partner, boyfriend or wife spends most of their life on the road touring and only sees each other at weekends. Or maybe he or she went the extra mile when all tours were suddenly canceled?


  • Eirin Schou Fævelen, Madam Pysj
  • Andreas Humlekjær, Madam Pysj 
  • Naoko Robsrud
  • Shujun Cai

Award for good hospitality 

Is there a school, a cultural center or a county that's always great to visit? Someone who has gone the extra mile to make sure things run smoothly?  


  • Rådhusteatret in Kongsvinger v/ Stig Fonås
  • Room for Dance
  • Jofrid Sørskog, tour operator in Oppland / Innlandet County Council
  • cultural contact Ingvild Silje Pettersen, at Mo ungdomsskole
  • Black Box theater
  • Monica Leander, DKS Viken 

Sustainability hero of the year

Has anyone taken old costumes or set design to new heights? Creative use of the same script and characters? 


  • NIE
  • Meg Mills. Set and costume designer
  • Jenny Hilmo Teig and Berit Haltvik With
  • Scenographer and costume designer Silje Sandodden Kise
  • Østfold International Theatre, G. Bistaki - Bel Horizon

Most accessible of the year

We love meeting the audience! In recent years, who has been extra inventive in how they have organized content, space and medium, who has used sensational and groundbreaking strategies to reach out?


  • Take away - fast food for thought
  • The Sausage Thief, Flaatenbjørk Company 
  • NIE
  • StrømmeTeateret
  • Mine Nilay Yalcin; Culpa and Sirkus Grønland
  • The performance Utsikt by Katma
  • Bakeriet - Katma and puppet theater in Nordland

Open class 

The nominee can be in production, administration, performer, technician and more. 


  • Konstellasjonen Teaterkompani
  • Egil Ovesen, Rogaland DKS
  • Jarl Flaatenbjørk 
  • Håvard Gressum Antonsen, Madam Pysj
  • Håkon Sigernes and Steppoetene with the performance "Stepp meg et dikt"
  • La Belle Dance, Scott Rodgers and Buskerud County Council 
  • NIE
  • Puppet theater in Nordland 
  • Nils Petter Mørland, Brageteatret