Showbox is our annual festival, and is being held for the 18th time this year. It is a two-part festival, one part consists of an artistic program, with open performances during the day and evening, and in addition we present a professional program with workshops, conversations and debates for those who work in the field of performing arts for children and young people. Showbox brings together professionals from all over Norway as well as several international contacts in Oslo during the festival week. Follow the program at

3Place - Performing arts as the third place for a young audience

Workshop on creating the third place
Tuesday, November 29, 12-16.00
Kloden teater, Pilotscenen

Scenekunstbruket has applied for a Creative Europe project together with Junges Ensemble Stuttgart and Divaldo Drak: 3Place: Performing arts as the Third Place for the young audience. Our starting point is the sociological theories of "third places", both as physical spaces, but also social places, imaginary places and the art experience itself. The aim is to create good methods for reaching the young audience and to develop the performing arts to be a place they choose to be, meet and feel at home in. During Showbox, together with Kloden teater, we will have a practical workshop with young people, architects, artists, organizers, urban developers, politicians and others to discuss how such a third place can take shape.

Masterclass in Inclusive Theatre 

Wednesday, November 30, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Sentralen, Forstanderskapssalen

Workshop for artists, with Andrew Standford and Replay Theatre from Northern Ireland. Replay has been developing adapted performances for young audiences for several years. This masterclass focuses on practical methods for developing performing arts productions for audiences with different neurodiverse challenges and/or functional variations. In collaboration with Assitej Norway.

Mingle event for artists, organizers and international delegates

Wednesday, September 30, 15-17.00
Dansens hus

We are repeating the useful mingle event from 2019, gathering artists, organizers and internationals for an informal afternoon with coffee and cinnamon buns in the foyer of Dansens hus. In collaboration with Dansens hus, Assitej Norway and Performing Arts Hub Norway.

The critical school bag

Friday, December 2
Exact time and place to come

Through DKS-LAB for critics, a selection of critics receive guidance in designing projects with the Cultural Rucksack as the target group. What can criticism for and with a young audience be, and what is the place of criticism in DKS? Scenekunstbrukets Unge stemmer is also 10 years old this year, and we share experiences and practices from here. Among other things, the event takes the form of a kitchen table conversation between young people, critics and artists. For organizers, producers, critics, teachers and more. In collaboration with Kulturtanken.