Scenekunstbruket – The Norwegian Network for Performing Arts, is the largest nationwide provider of performing arts for a young audience in Norway. We ensure that children and young people from age 0–20 years, regardless of background and domicile, will experience professional performing arts.

Our vision: Performing arts throughout Norway
Scenekunstbruket is a competence center for distribution and dissemination of theatre for young audiences. We make quality performing art available and accessible as widely as possible by:

  • Forming a repertoire with a wide artistic range and based on existing productions
  • Encouraging artistic growth built on quality and diversity through our production support and by including new performances in our repertoire
  • Easing the communication and administration between the performance groups and organizers
  • Facilitating activities on behalf of The Cultural Schoolbag and corresponding programs
  • Increasing knowledge of performance arts for young people by arranging network meetings, seminars, dialogue based events, festivals and other happenings, both on web and in real life
  • Collaborating with our network of organizers in eleven counties
  • Collaborating with nationally and international organizations, increasing the status of Norwegian performance art for young people

Yearly, Scenekunstbruket conveys around 2500 performances divided into 50-60 productions for a total of 245 000 audience members.

Our repertoire
Scenekunstbruket monitors the quality of the performances in its repertoire and offers a great variety of theatre and dance productions. Scenekunstbruket is not itself a producer, but selects completed productions for inclusion in the repertoire, maintaining knowledge and overview of current non-institutional performance art in Norway. A committee of consultants representing a wide range of expertise in the field of performance art, make recommendations as to which productions should be chosen.

Our repertoire is accessible for event organisers and other interested parties through our website, and provides information about

  • Performances
  • Fees
  • Target groups
  • Technical requirements at the venue
  • Press reviews
  • Pictures, videos or other media from performance

Our network
Our network consists of eleven counties, their respective municipalities, schools and other cultural institutions, all with a high demand for performing art. Scenekunstbruket is responsible for the professional aspect of promotion, including advice on the choice of productions, the drafting of contracts and providing professional contributions to regional seminars for event organizers, while the networks district and local councils arrange the tours.

Scenekunstbruket places emphasis on efforts to enhance the competence level for artists and organizers alike. Venues like Showbox, network conferences, professional dialogue events and seminars are important tools in this respect.

Financial support for event organizers
One of the Scenekunstbruket´s main tools for providing art throughout Norway, is the scheme for financial support for event organizers. Organizers located in the Scenekunstbruket´s member districts receive a refund amounting to up to 50% of the costs involved in presenting productions selected from the Scenekunstbruket´s repertoir. is our financial support program for performance art productions. We accept applications for funds for new productions and for resumptions of productions, for stage touring. To be eligible, both the project and performers must be professional, and the application must contain a Norwegian organization number from The Register of Business Enterprises. A vocational board assesses applications for new productions, while the artistic council assesses applications for arrangements/resumptions of productions in conjunction with Scenekunstbruket.

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The Cultural Schoolbag

One of Scenekunstbruket´s tasks is to operate as a national promoter of performance art in The Cultural Schoolbag system. This is a national system for professional art and culture in schools in Norway, and shall ensure pupils aged 6 to 19 to become acquainted with all kinds of professional art and cultural expressions.

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Showbox – the performance arts festival
Showbox is one of the largest performance art festivals in Norway, and takes place late November, early December each year. Showbox was established in 2005, and during the years that have passed since then, this festival has become the most important performing arts festival aimed at children and youth in Norway.

This year’s edition (2022) is the 18th, and during six days there will be a mix of various performances, artist talks, seminars and different meeting places between the international delegates, performers, producers and other participants from Norway and abroad. Read more on