In Global Compositions Live we meet Rune Thorsteinsson from Denmark. Rune is a multi-instrumentalist who traveled the world for 6 months. While traveling he wanted to produce music with the different cultures and traditions from each country. The concert was both live and clips from his trip. We really liked how he created a blended environment of a live performance and the movie he made. 


In this concert we see Rune creating a clap routine with South Africans and their traditional dances. He gets the whole crowd to join and engages everyone. We see him traveling around the world and we see different types of music and dances from India, Argentina, Bosnia Herzegovina and the Faroe Islands.  


It was inspirational to see that he visited many countries to learn and make a global composition, which contained cultural differences. We mean that the performance is suitable for any age group, but especially 12-16 years, which is the target audience of the show. It also seemed like the adults also enjoyed it very much. We would recommend the performance to people our age. 


Written by Synne (15) and Varscha (15).