Smother is a fast-paced dance performance. On stage are seven dancers from the British dance company 201.

This performance deals with strong themes such as intoxication, addiction, love, infidelity and loneliness. The story is conveyed through the dance and is divided into several smaller stories, which are still well connected.

Technically, the dancers are incredibly good, and the choreography is also very cool considering that they use the entire stage for parallel stories. It's still easy to follow the course of events, even though they take place on the front and back stages at the same time.     

There were great variations, there were solo pieces, couples and groups. The variation in dance style was also great, from Hip Hop to contemporary dance. The choice of music also made a strong impression on us in this performance. It was recognizable to young people, and suited the dance and the stories they told very well.

This was a dance performance with many elements of theater that made it very appealing to us.

What engaged us most in this performance was the variation in expression and the dancers' powerful and sensitive dance.  

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