Peace out to revolution is a project against racism. This Norwegian band got together about 10 months ago to honor the black community, with native and authentic black music and strong words. All the songs were African or African American with titles like "black and proud", "brown skin girl" and "I can't breathe".

The band wants to spread black awareness and talked about how pop music would be nothing without African music. The name has an important meaning. "Peace out to revolution" is a line of a song they covered. They claimed that they didn't want to fight and wanted to peacefully educate people with music. 

We watched the concert on both Tuesday and Wednesday. They worked with producers all day to improve the performance. The shows were slightly different and we realized that more information about the band itself was given on Tuesday. For example, we received information about the meaning behind the name of the band, and they went more in depth about why and when they started this project. However, the second time they performed they had more energy, were more prepared and it was instantly more engagement from the audience. The concert had more passion and it was a better experience overall. We saw a clear improvement in their interaction with the crowd, in between songs and the way the band worked together. 

On Tuesday, the drummer had an amazing solo and everyone was blown away! The leader of the band also had a really awesome keyboard solo on Thursday. All in all this was a really fun concert with lots of talented people. We were also interviewed which was great practice for speaking English in front of a crowd. 


Written by Freya (15) and Synne (15).