Never AFK by Hafnor/Erichsen is a play about an old girl called Billie. Billie lives in her own world in the computer game Phelmae, where she and her best friend Buffy, discover a new and rare part of the game, which they only have one chance to win. Throughout the performance we go through Billie's journey through the game, family and friends.

The show is entertaining and explores themes such as identity, relationships, mental health, reality and addiction.

Never AFK is a modern performance, where the audience is impressed by the technical effects. Through screens, sound and acting, the performance shows what a real game looks like. The audience immerses itself in the game and gets the impression of almost being in the game.

I'm a person who doesn't interest myself in computer games, but because of this, the show was very exciting. The effects were fun to watch and I could relate to many of the themes.

Never AFK is suitable for both young people and adults and especially for those who are interested in computer games.

In other words, I was left with a good experience and many good thoughts.

Daria 15 years