This is a performance with dance. The performance demonstrates the frustration, anger and fear of having and being related to someone diagnosed with autism. In the play, we meet Stian, diagnosed with autism, and his friend Silje. Silje loses her patience and breaks down when she can't connect with Stian.

The two actors use dance to show the difficulties of autism. Stian shows how he locks himself in a box to put up a shield around himself. Silje shows how frustrating and difficult it is to try to help or be friends with someone who doesn't show emotions back even when you try hard to connect with them. It's just as difficult for Silje as it is for Stian, when Stian isn't mentally present.

The show presents a very important theme, which is autism and mental illness. It's important to get the audience to understand what it's like, and to focus on it. They also included Super Mario in the play. Stian recognized himself in this character. He played with and played Super Mario. We interpret this to mean that he can recognize himself in this character. Since some people with autism feel that they are in a different world and often repeat things. That's why it can be difficult to connect with them, as Silje tries to do with Stian. "It's a bit difficult for someone who may not have heard of the diagnosis to understand the piece. It's showing a story through dance, which is difficult to do. The piece is probably best suited to an adult age group.

The performance was very emotional and very relevant. We got an insight into many people's lives and a different perspective on autism. The way they showed it was a bit monotonous and confusing, but it was still nice to watch. Facial expressions and looks seemed very credible and real. It was something you really noticed. You can see the emptiness in Stian's eyes and it makes everything much more real. The end of the performance left us with a slight confusion and was a bit unclear. The title "Fish don't climb trees" also makes us wonder? Where does it come from?